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Sound and video editing, and graphic and title design for film and video projects, are all in my toolbox. In addition to numerous freelance video and audio editing projects for others, I've regularly produced video and audio content for my own endeavors. Here are some examples of video projects from recent years.

The Brothers

I assembled this tribute to the Marx Brothers on behalf of the 93rd Street Beautification Association, and it was screened in 2010 at their event at the New York Public Library.

Love Marches On book preview

This Love Marches On preview was released in 2015, when the Love Marches On book was published.

Love Marches On trailer

This Love Marches On preview accompanied the original launch of the Love Marches On comic strip in 2012.

Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter, recurring characters created by Amanda Sisk and me, appear in numerous videos and cartoons created in the last fifteen years. Here, they explore vintage New York, to the strains of a nostalgic song.

Highlights from I'll Say She Is

I edited and designed this reel of highlights from the 2016 Off Broadway production of I'll Say She Is, the Lost Marx Brothers Musical.

Amazing Fighter Pilot Adventures (Episode 342)

This video might be too exciting for many viewers. Make sure you're seated if you attempt to watch it.

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