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Most of the design work I've done in recent years falls into this category -- logos and title treatments, posters and postcards. Most, but not all, have been designs associated with theatrical productions, film and video projects, and other efforts in entertainment and the arts.


Nowadays, only people over forty begin sentences with the word nowadays. Also, nowadays, everyone is a public figure; everyone is a brand name; and everyone needs a logo. I am always interested in the conversation about whether this is good or bad, whether we're living in a glorious age of individual expression or a dark period of cynical commodifcation. But before we have that conversation, maybe we should talk about your new logo.

Posters and postcards

I've spent most of my life in the theatre, where posters and postcards are the lifeblood of publicity, whether they're printed and distributed, or posted online.

Displayed here are several examples of the many designs I've created for posters and postcards. Some are for my own theatrical projects, and some are freelance jobs for other artists or companies. In each case shown here, I'm responsible for the title treatment design as well as the poster image.

For examples of multipage print projects like book and magazine layouts, please take a look at the print section.

Company Life After Bush
Hamlet Bully
Herpes Strom
400 Years in Manhattan


In addition to multipage publications like magazines and theatrical programs (see the print section for examples), and poster and postcard images like those on this page, I've occasionally designed two-sided single-sheet brochures and pamphlets for clients.

The two examples seen here were created for the New York Neo-Futurists theatre company, and for Mystery & Mayhem, a party entertainment company. The Neo-Futurists provided me with their own photos, graphics, and other "assets"; for Mystery & Mayhem, I created all of the artwork in the brochure, including cartoon images drawn by hand.


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