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Design, like everything else, is now largely an on-screen experience. Much of my design work is created, published, and viewed entirely online, never to exist as a physical object. Nevertheless, my favorite design work is for print. Work which exists in print seems to exist more fully, and more genuinely. Although I'm happy to work on designs for pages which scroll, my preference is for pages which turn.

Souvenir books

At Max Merchandising, I've had the opportunity to design souvenir books for numerous Broadway shows. These oversized, full-color publications are sold in theatre lobbies and gift shops, and at Playbill's online store. Magazine-style layouts have become a specialty of mine, and since I began working on Broadway souvenir books, I've also designed highly visual print publications for freelance clients both in and out of show business.

Books and magazines

Cutting my teeth on my own projects, I've been creating page layouts, cover designs, and interior designs for books, comic books, and magazines for many years. Pictured here are the cover and introduction spread for the book Love Marches On; the cover and a chapter header page for the book Gimme a Thrill; excerpts from two pieces created for Spaz Comics (issues #1 and #3); and the playbill for the 2016 Off Broadway production of I'll Say She Is.

More See the publicity section for examples of posters, postcards, brochures, and other single-page print projects.

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