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It's increasingly rare that a graphic design project actually requires me to pick up a pen and a piece of paper, but I always enjoy it when it does. Drawing on paper is the earliest creative act I can remember, and although it's never been my main line of work, it feels primally expressive in a way that even writing rarely does. Only music is comparable.


I maintain a robust library of doodles, which is constantly expanding, and I can also create custom doodles, made-to-order for all your doodle needs. Let's say it's your sister's birthday, and you'd like to send her a nice doodle. Or let's say you're at work and your boss storms into the room, bellowing, "Get me a hundred doodles by noon tomorrow or you're finished!" Well, that's when you call me.

Magazine art

Seen here: "Tillo Marx," my variation on The New Yorker's signature Eustace Tilley cover, which was printed in the magazine's 85th anniversary issue in 2010; and pages from "Teen Mania," my imaginary glossy for adolescent comedy nerds, which was published in Spaz Comics #1.

Love Marches On

The vast majority of my pen-and-ink work which has been made public is to be found in Love Marches On. This "saga of Broadway" was originally published in 2013 as a daily comic strip (black-and-white strips on weekdays and Saturdays, color "broadsheets" on Sundays). In 2015, the complete story was published as a book, along with much supplemental material.

Love Marches On takes place in and around Times Square, in the years 1925 and 1975. Shown here is a sampling of five (non-sequential) strips, and two broadsheets.

You can find more on the Love Marches On Facebook page, and at

You can order the Love Marches On book here or here.


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