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"LIFE AFTER BUSH MAY BE TOO SMART!. . .with political reference points, cultural memes, and brilliant wordplay coming at machine-gun speed. . .An inspired, enlightening play!"

-- ETHAN STANISLAWSKI, Blogcritics [Full review]

"PERCEPTIVE, FAIR, AND VERY, VERY FUNNY...The creators successfully prompt the audience to reevaluate their ideas and opinions...all while entertaining them with sharp, satiric comedy and music. It really is quite impressive that Diamond and Sisk were able to create such an elaborately staged and intricate work without sacrificing humor, invective or musical originality. It never feels heavy-handed and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, infusing the facts with a constant stream of laugh–out–loud material and catchy tunes."

-- JESSICA KRAMER, Washington Square News [Full review]

“SMART SATIRE. . .A genuinely sunny celebration of the man who you fervently wish will become president. . .Sharp and biting. . .warm-hearted, funny, eager, and smart. Diamond and Sisk dazzle with the fresh ways they present familiar figures of satire. UNEXPECTEDLY MOVING …the rousing finale reminds us of exactly what we have to do on November 4.”

– MARTIN DENTON, [Full review]

“THE SHOW IS ABLE TO MAKE CURRENT EVENTS SEEM FRESH AND INVIGORATING AGAIN, reminding us that, come what may, on election day, 
we all have a responsibility to ensure that America is the best country it can be. . . Life After Bush is just what the doctor ordered to inject a bit of jazzy humor into the proceedings.”

– AMY FREEMAN, [Full review]

“FUNNY AND STARTLING! What this reviewer took away from this musical comedy was the dire seriousness of this year’s election. . .For all its fun and bravado, Life After Bush never strays too far from actual reality. . . In Life After Bush there is humor, there is pathos, there is reason to laugh, there is reason to cry, but most important of all THERE IS REASON TO HOPE!”

– JESSE SCHMIDT, Two Doors Theatre [Full review]

LIFE AFTER BUSH HAS ITS AUDIENCE LAUGHING PRETTY CONSISTENTLY FROM THE GET-GO. Some bits even raise political points that the media haven’t covered sufficiently…So wide-ranging and up to the minute...Run, for material this pungent has the shelf life of a banana!”

– MARC MILLER, Backstage (Critic's Pick) [Full review]

"AN ENGAGING MULTIMEDIA EXPERIENCE with a talented and arch cast. . .The cast is truly an ensemble and each gets a number of chances to shine."

-- SHERRI RASE, Q Onstage [Full review]

"A disgusting night of liberal lies...Life After Bush is the latest leftist garbage from the vile hate-merchants at Nero Fiddled."

-- RALPH PISS, Piss on America [Full review]



Original Production: 
October 17 - November 
2, 2008

Tarik Davis
Noah Diamond
Brian Louis Hoffman*
Sadrina Johnson*
Kim Moscaritolo
Avi Phillips
Amanda Sisk

Book and Songs by 
Noah Diamond
and Amanda Sisk

Musical Direction and 
Arrangements by

DJ Thacker

Lighting Design by 
Christopher Brown

Sound Design by
Matt Tennie

Publicity by
Katie Rosin / Kampfire 

Production Manager 
Blair Lampe

Produced and Directed 

Noah Diamond
and Amanda Sisk

Presented through HERE's Supported Artist Program, which provides artists with 
subsidized space and 
equipment, as well as 
technical and  administrative support.

*Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

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