City Under Siege (2004)

City Under Siege was the first live theatrical event from Nero Fiddled. Presented the week of Halloween, City Under Siege told the horror story of the 2004 Republican National Convention and its hostile occupation of New York City.

City Under Siege introduced a number of elements which returned in the ensuing shows, especially Burning Bush

There was Corey Moosa's first portrayal of a member of the Finger family -- he appeared as political analyst Brent Finger in "The Finger Report" (Burning Bush), and as Private Benjamin Finger in "Homeless Veterans for Bush" (Moral Value Meal). Here, in a sketch called "Therapy," he played a neurotic innocent bystander known simply as Mr. Finger. 

City Under Siege was also the debut of Amanda Sisk's Laura Bush. "As you know," she says, "my passion is education." The song is "Laura's Alphabet":

J is for the justice we rained down on Kabul.
L is for the learning that you get in private school.
M is for money; my husband's got a ton.
N - O are the letters that you hear when you've got none.
P is for the press, who haven't taken us to task.
Q is for the questions they're too afraid to ask.
R is for Republican, Strong and True,
and U is for my underwear, which by the way are blue.











The NYC?!

Original Production:

Under St. Marks, New 
York, October 2004

Cast: Amanda Sisk, 
Corey Moosa, Kim 
Moscaritolo, Noah 
Diamond, Brian Louis 

Written and Directed by Noah Diamond and 
Amanda Sisk

Scenes: "Swift Boat 
Veterans Who Are in 
Favor of Truth," 
"Republican Roundup," 
"Therapy," "Republigun," 
"Bob and Charlie," 
"Canadian Surprise," 

Songs: "The Creature," 
"Laura's Alphabet," "On 
the March"

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